Private Yoga

Private yoga sessions offer the most effective way to reach your goals.  With one on one coaching you will ensure you get the maximum benefits yoga has to offer.

If a doctor recommends you do yoga, private yoga provides the best prescription.  Learn to make sure you are doing the poses safely and correctly.  Like learning a great dance yoga takes lots of attention to detail to ensure you are moving safely and with maximum efficiency.

If you are starting to feel aches and pains yoga can provide relief.  If you do private session you will immediately realize the benefits learning how to control all of your movements from your core.

If have particularly tight hips, shoulders, and challenged mobility working slowly will be both challenging and works in a way which provides a deep relaxation, followed by a shivasana, at the end of the session.

Will yoga be challenging or will it just be passive stretching?

Every pose can be an active way to increase flexibility and build strength. Simple poses will make you work and perhaps sweat once you start using the proper form. We use blocks, straps, dowels, and the wall to help you find the right form.

What happens in my first private yoga session?

We start with a brief discussion about your goals, review your posture, and assess your needs. From there you will learn the poses and sequences in a way which benefits your needs the most. No flexibility or prior yoga experience required.

Private yoga is taught at your home and allows for one-to-one attention.  This is beneficial in addressing any personal health concerns both physical and mental, alignment education and relaxation.

Classes range from 60-90 minutes and should take place in a clean, quiet space free of distractions.

Sessions can be arranged at a time most convenient for you.

If you are looking to deepen your connection with a spouse, friend or family member please let me know!

Please contact us for availability and costs.